The Cardinal Rule

This is something my mom instilled in my from  a young age.  Boys come and go, but girlfriends are forever.

This is something my mom instilled in my from a young age. Boys come and go, but girlfriends are forever.


My Love Affair with Prezi

It’s hard to pin point the moment I fell in love with Prezi.  It started out as a love/hate relationship when trying to figure out the difference between a “frame” and “path” but quickly turned into more.  My first exposure to the world of Prezi happened this summer when, as the Vice President of PR and Programming for Panhellenic, I was given the task of editing a prezi for recruitment orientation.  This prezi consisted of approximately 80-100 pictures and involved some of the most intricate pathways I have ever seen in my life.  Needless to say, that project was a labor of love.  Once it was finished, I have never had such a feeling of accomplishment.  It was as if everything in my life had lead me to that moment, when I was able to press the show button and set the timer for my presentation to begin.


Prezi’s are not for the faint of heart.  They are definitely quite a commitment…but once you’ve mastered their meticulous tools, you’ll never look back!  After being referred to as a “prezi diva” by my management 455 professor, I decided my addiction to prezi was something I needed to channel towards my assignments.  After countless hours playing on the prezi website, I have gained a much better understanding and even, dare I say, admiration of prezi’s.  They have a surprising way of turning what would normally be a bland powerpoint, into an exciting and interesting multimedia experience.  Although they oftentimes take more work, I’ve learned that in the end, it is definitely worth the time.  So in conclusion, when in doubt…always make a prezi.

Pinterest: More Than Meets the Eye

Originally when Pinterest first hit the World Wide Web, they claimed that they weren’t sure about how they were going to make money, but that, “they’d get to it…” After completing this Pinterest assignment for my MGT 455 class, I realized that Pinterest is more than meets the eye.


Although it is primarily known as an entertaining social media site for women to look at crafts, fashion and photography, it is also an untapped resource.  More recently, clothing designers and companies have started using Pinterest to advertise their clothing and products.  If Pinterest were to charge these companies for advertising their products, they would be able to turn a significant product.  In addition to advertising, tracking the pins of specific users and organizing that data would be extremely useful to a company.  This data not only would show who is looking at their product but would help them identify which products are re-pinned the most, the types of boards they are being pinned to as well as the demographics of these users such as age and gender.  Channeling this paid advertising as well as useful data would create a considerable profit for Pinterest and could serve as the basis of their business model.

Is Pinterest Really Just for Girls?

As part of one of our assignments for my MGT 455 class, we were required to create a pinterest board about any aspect of Clemson athletics.  As one of only three girls in the class, I was excited about the assignment because Pinterest is a social media sight in which I already enjoy using. 


To create my Clemson pinterest board, I uploaded some of my own pins as well as re-pinned other pins fitting this category.  Although Pinterest is primarily popular as a fun social media sight among women, this assignment also showed me it could potentially be used for other reasons.  Pinterest could easily track specific users pins to collect data that would be useful for a variety of reasons.  This data would be extremely beneficial to companies as well as Pinterest themselves.  This assignment also showed me that it is possible to create a male demographic on Pinterest.  In a male dominated class, everyone was forced to create a Pinterest account and although most of them complained about it, I know there are a few students who gained a little bit of interest in Pinterest and may continue to use their account moving forward when this class ends.    

Clemson University Crowned Winner of “South’s Best Tailgate” by Southern Living Magazine 

Clemson University Crowned Winner of “South’s Best Tailgate” by Southern Living Magazine

Clemson is known for being rich in school spirit and deeply rooted in tradition.  When it comes to football, Clemson takes the cake in both of these areas!  Tailgating is a huge part of the Clemson game day experience, whether you’re tailgating on the quad or simply eating downtown, you can’t help but feel immersed in the school spirit!

First Friday Parade

Clemson University is known for its incredible community, built on tradition and determined spirit.  Walking through campus this past Friday afternoon, no one could doubt either one of these traits.  The thoroughfare of campus was blocked off, the streets were all lined with orange, and the sounds of cheering fans could be heard from blocks away.

This past Friday I participated in one of Clemson’s many historic traditions by walking in the Annual First Friday Parade.  The first Friday before the first home football game of the season, the whole Clemson community comes together to participate in one event.  From the rotary club to the marching band, you are sure to see a wide variety of Clemson organizations represented in the parade.  Every year the sororities at Clemson participate in a float contest the week before our first home football game.  We then march behind our floats in a parade through Clemson’s main drag in which we chant, jump and cheer behind our sorority float in matching t-shirts and an assortment of festive gear.  It is a time-honored tradition that I definitely look forward to each year and am so proud to have been a part of.  This year was especially memorable, knowing that as a senior this was the last time I would walk with my sorority in the First Friday Parade.

The Beginning of the End


It happened early Saturday morning on my way to recruitment while making a pit stop at the Starbucks drive-through.  I was on complete auto pilot, ordering my usual venti iced skinny vanilla latte, and as I reached my hand out the window to pay with my handy dandy starbucks app, the barista asked me where I was headed that early on a Saturday.  I explained that I’m on Panhellenic Exec and we were in the middle of Panhellenic recruitment at Clemson and I was headed to our second round of events.  While processing my transaction she asked what year I was and without even thinking twice I responded, “Oh, I’m going to be a senior.”  She looked at me for a second and responded, “Honey, don’t you mean you are a senior?”  I couldn’t believe it.  All last spring and throughout the summer I’d been able to avoid the realization that I was entering my last year of college by allowing myself three little words in front of “a senior”, that made the inevitable year ahead seem a little bit farther on the horizon.  Before I pulled away I smiled and said, “oh wow, I guess you’re right…I am actually a senior now.”

As a member of Clemson’s Panhellenic Executive Board, I was required to disaffiliate from my sorority and enter “pi-chi land” with 50+ amazing girls from all 12 of Clemson’s sororities, to represent our Panhellenic community as a whole.  Although being disaffiliated from my sorority was one of the hardest things I’ve done, I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing recruitment experience.  From spending over night shifts in Norris to golf carting around campus running recruitment errands, our exec board became infinitely closer and I’m so lucky to have those five amazing girls in my life. Marking the end of 2012 Recruitment as well as the first of many “lasts” was bid day. I am so proud to have been a part of Clemson’s largest and most successful recruitment, and could not have asked for a better experience.  That being said, running down the hill on Bowman with our new members and the other Sigma Kappa pi chi’s after pi chi revelation was absolutely incredible.  Seeing my sisters jumping and screaming, holding a welcome back sign, was an amazing feeling and something I will never forget.  I could never have guessed how much I would miss being a Sigma Kappa  and am so grateful to have them as sisters and friends!

ImageNow that I’ve come to terms with my senior status, I am overwhelmed with a mix of excitement and dread.  Excited for what lies ahead while dreading it actually coming to an end.  I plan on enjoying every single minute of what will be the last of the best four years of my life.  Although it will eventually come to an end, I plan on taking in every last moment whether it be late nights in the library, tailgating before football games or Sunday brunch at Potbelly Deli with my girls, this is sure to be a year to remember.

Top 5 Fall 2011 Trends

Top 5 Fall 2011 Fashion Trends:

5.) Fedora or Bowler Hat: I don’t consider myself someone that can rock the fedora, but for those of you who can, it is a definite trend that is showing up all over, especially on celebrities, this Fall 2011.

4.) Neutrals: I am a HUGE fan of this trend this season! Whether it be neutral nail colors or skirts and tops, these muted shades are a classy yet trendy color choice that is here to stay!

3.) Faux Fur: The faux fur vest has been all the rage this season, and is a great way to stay warm while looking chic!

2.) Comfort: Say goodbye to your uncomfortable heels and opt for a cute pair of riding boots! This trend is especially ideal for college students!

1.) Wide Leg Pants: Paired with a chunky heel or platform, these pants are flattering and fabulous!


Jackie Kennedy- A Style Icon

A few weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised to see Jackie Kennedy grace the cover of People Magazine.  Jackie Kennedy has always been someone I’ve looked up to, as a style icon and someone I consider to be the epitome of elegance and grace.  She was known for her classic yet chic style.  Whether attending a black tie event or simply out on the town with her children, she always looked put together in a way that appeared effortless and understated.

Jackie Kennedy was known for starting many iconic style movements. Her trademark oversized sunglasses are arguably her most signature trend.  These sunglasses gave her an air of mystery and style while also perfectly complementing her ensembles.  These sunglasses made a significant impact on fashion and are still popular today.

Pearls were also a staple to most of Jackie Kennedy’s outfits.  They were undeniably classic and sophisticated, providing the polishing touch to several of her dresses, cardigans and suits.  As a First Lady, style icon and mother Jackie Kennedy wore many hats.  As a fashionista, she wore pillbox hats making them an instant trend in the 1960’s.  Jackie was known to wear these flat topped hats, with straight sides and no brim for various occasions and most famously was wearing a pink one when her husband John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Not Just Your Boyfriend’s Polo…

Polo button downs are a staple to any wardrobe.  For boys they are considered a must have and for us girls they are a comfortable yet put together option to wear with shorts, skirts or jeans.  Today I decided to wear a pink and white striped button down tucked into a pair of grey J.Crew chino shorts with a skinny gold belt to class.  I felt put together and comfortable, but definitely didn’t think it was anything special.  So imagine my surprise when I received an unexpected complement from one of my guy friends who said, “Laura, I like that shirt on you.  You know, I always consider it to be very attractive when girls wear button downs.”  I was shocked.  Although I love me some Ralph Lauren button downs, I was surprised to hear that males find them attractive on girls.  I always feel a little boxy when putting on a button down, and had never considered them to make me look attractive to males, in any way shape or form.  I was intrigued by his complement, so I went on to ask him why he thought this.  He said, “seeing a girl in a nice button down is so refreshing and makes them look clean, well kept and sporty in a good way.”

Reese Witherspoon looking sporty and put together in her button down paired with jeans and boots!

There are several ways to wear button downs in order to make them a little bit more exciting. For warmer days, you can wear them tucked in to shorts or a skirt paired with a skinny belt.  As we are heading in to fall, button downs can be paired with skinny jeans and boots or tucked into a pencil skirt for more formal occasions.  No matter what I pair them with, I also love to fold and cuff the sleeves so that they look a little more laid back and fun.  To add that extra bit of sass, it can also be cute to unbutton and slightly pop the collar.  The key word being “slightly”, it is important to pop the collar in a way that is not “trying to hard” or straight up, but in a way that is slightly raised and adds a bit of style to the shirt.  So next time you’re looking for a laid back yet put together outfit, try a button down and enjoy the comfort and style they provide!